Aluminium LuminairesManufactoryLtd. Is located in Henglan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China. Thearea is well known for its production of Lighting Products.

 Ourmain products are lighting fixtures and accessories machined from high-gradealuminum stock and we are celebrating our tenth year in providing high qualityproducts in the global marketplace.

 Ourteam of experts have spent an extra-ordinary number of man-hours dedicated todesign, research & development, and the hard work shows we have createdsomething that is visually and aesthetically pleasing architectural, modern,and avant-garde products, both indoor and outdoor wall sconces, down lights,spot lights and lawn bollards.

 Wehave abundant experience in this unique field as well as a team of many uniqueand timeless professionals, artisans and skilled employees, manufacturingproducts with an artistic flair and its forms & effects to influenceconsumers’ choice.

 Nowthat we have established qualitative manufacturing capabilities, dedicatedresearch and development department, we can produce a variety of exceptionalquality and environmentally responsible products.

Ourmain markets include Europe, Africa, and the Americas; we also have customersin Australia and South Asia.

 Weuse modern CNC machining equipment and skilled craftsmen to make our products.This enables us to be the most modernized, environmentally conscious andcompetitive enterprise at your service.

 Ourendeavor and promise to you, our discerning customer… “Is to providecompetitive pricing, excellent service and complete satisfaction, evoke apleasant appreciation or perception of ultimate beauty and utility”.