XWhat are the purchasing skills of indoor lamps? How to arrange the indoor lights?


With the development of the lamp market, the shapes and types of indoor lamps now have a lot of selectivity, and indoor lamps are often a kind of lamps valued by consumers among lighting lamps. We are very concerned about its purchase, matching and layout. What are the purchase skills of indoor lamps? How to arrange the indoor lights? Don’t worry, I’ll answer your questions.


What are the buying skills of indoor lights?

1. When purchasing indoor lights, first determine the lighting degree and installation location, such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, study, toilet, corridor and balcony. Different lighting degrees should be used in different places; For example, the lighting of the living room and study should choose the one with higher brightness, the corridor and balcony have little requirements, and the bedroom should choose the softer one.

2. If the lamps are reasonably arranged, the space area and decoration style of each room will be different, so the shape selection of lamps will also be different. For example, if the living room area is relatively large, you can choose some personalized chandeliers. Ceiling lamps and ceiling chandeliers are generally used in bedrooms.

3.the color of the lamps and lanterns and the color of the light should be noted that different lamps and lanterns reflect different personalities, but also cause people to reflect different emotions, lamps and lanterns to buy good to improve the work effect as well as the quality of life.


How to arrange indoor lights to be good?

1. Avoid light pollutio

In the living room dressing, many people tend to use lights to decorate, and some designers also like to use colored lights or lamp belt to decorate the ceiling, these programs, although novel, but in fact, very detrimental to eye health, but also cause light pollution, long-term living in such an environment, will cause vision loss, and produce dizziness, insomnia, palpitations and other symptoms.

2.choose the right lamps and lanterns

For the lights used in the living room, be sure to choose the appropriate style, in particular, should avoid the use of inductive ballast light-emitting lamps, otherwise long periods of life in such a light environment, human eye fatigue, myopia, in addition if the use of computers in the light, the strobe of such lights and brain fluorescent screen frame flicker overlap, the formation of optical resonance, more damage to the human visual system.

3. avoid or reduce the interference of glare

Some people feel that when reading, the stronger the light the better, in fact, this is a mistake in people’s perception, but should try to use soft light, if the brightness of the lamps and lanterns than the general indoor environment is much higher, people will feel the glare, not only will produce a sense of discomfort, while serious damage to visual function.

Above is the indoor lights what are the purchase techniques and how to arrange the indoor lights to explain the knowledge of the problem, first said here, the content is only for your reference, I hope it can help you.


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